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Having your teeth straightened with our Invisalign Clear Aligners will give you a better bite, improve your health and make you look and feel more confident.

Clear and Convenient Orthodontic Solutions

Transform Your Smile with Invisalign

Have you ever wanted straighter teeth, but were turned off by the idea of traditional metal braces? Then Invisalign aligners may be the solution for you.

Unlike braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear, customised teeth aligners to gradually shift your teeth into place. These teeth aligners are easily removable for eating and brushing your teeth, and they are virtually invisible on your teeth. Plus, because our treatment plans are designed using advanced computer technology.

So, if you’re looking for a discreet way to achieve a straighter smile, contact the experienced and friendly team at Yarrabilba Dental about Invisalign.

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Straight Smiles with Invisalign

What You Can Expect From Yarrabilba Dental

Your Invisalign Journey

Step 1
Your First Appointment

At your first appointment, your Yarrabilba dentist will inspect your teeth and discuss your cosmetic dentistry goals. As invisible aligners are not suitable for everyone, your dentist will advise you if it is a treatment that you should consider. If Invisalign is not the treatment for you, we will talk you through other Smile Makeover options. If you are a candidate for Invisalign, we will discuss the treatment protocol and the estimated treatment time frame.

Step 2
Moulding Process

The next step is the digital moulding process. This may happen at the first appointment with your dentist, or a separate one, depending on your schedule.

Your Yarrabilba Dentist will use a digital scan, photographs, and x-rays to create an accurate model of both your mouth and teeth. Your custom aligner trays can then be created.

Step 3
Fitting the First Tray

When your Invisalign aligner is ready, it's time to return for your pick-up. Your Yarrabilba dentist will firstly check that your aligners fit correctly. Then, with your trays fitted and your aftercare program clearly explained, you're ready to go!

Step 4
Follow up Appointments

A few weeks after your first tray is fitted, it's time to return to Yarrabilba Dental to assess your teeth’s movement and the aligner tray’s fit. 

Your aligners will apply consistent, gentle pressure to your teeth with no painful tightening appointments.

Invisalign is effective at treating complex and simple challenges, like big tooth gaps, severe overbite, and more. Your custom Invisalign aligners will move your teeth quickly and comfortably.

Step 5
Straighter Teeth

Check out that perfect smile! After a few short months, you are guaranteed to have straighter teeth and a gorgeous smile thanks to our aligners. Just imagine how amazing that will be!

Your Dream Smile Made Affordable

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Designing Your Ideal Smile with

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Embark on a personalised smile journey with Digital Smile Design at Yarrabilba Dental. Using cutting-edge technology, we analyse your unique facial and dental features, allowing us to visualise and craft a treatment plan to achieve your dream smile through advanced imaging and precise treatment planning.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The cost of Invisalign is always determined on a case-by-case basis. This takes into consideration your individual circumstances and needs, and the complexity of your treatment. At Yarrabilba Dental, we are upfront about all costs during your first consultation.

To find out more about our pricing, contact us to discuss our payment options.

This largely depends on how much you want to change your existing smile. It could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 36 months. However, most people notice a difference within 2-3 months of starting their Invisalign treatment.

In most cases, the answer is YES. If you have Orthodontic cover as part of your health insurance policy, your Invisalign treatment may be covered.  If you have any price-related questions, feel free to contact us to discuss our payment options.

Some people may experience minor discomfort at the beginning of each new stage of treatment, when a new aligner is inserted. Patients typically describe this as a feeling of pressure. The discomfort typically dissipates after a couple of days as you become accustomed to the new aligners.

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